Friday, October 24, 2008

New Adventure!

Today I finish packing for our move to our new apartment. I spent all day yesterday painting the dining room to cover a very dark purple paint. My choice is a light green. I covered the darker color with primer (3 coats), then 2 coats of the green. I decided to paint a small wall as an accent in the same green. It looks pretty good, if I say so myself. I should have taken a before picture! I will take pictures after I get everything just the way I want it. The kitchen has dark particle board cupboard doors that are chipped and just plain ugly. The same purple paint was used on the cupboard itself. That, too, shall change. It's way too small a space for dark colors. The counter top is gold (I'm thinking 1970's), so maybe a lighter shade for the cupboards. Even better, cover the purple with the light gold and after I put moulding around the edges of the doors, paint those a bright white or something. I'm going to enjoy playing with these! I might even see if I can find new doors. I'd like to just remove them and leave it open, but then again...

It's going to be really fun getting settled. I love making a new home. Being Autumn makes it even better. I think a nice Yankee Pot Roast for Sunday dinner with homemade apple pie on Sunday will be a nice touch to making it feel like home.

I'll post pix this weekend! It's going to be lots of fun!!

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