Friday, July 2, 2010


I'll be celebrating more than this country's independence this weekend. My divorce became final on June 21, 2010. I'm grateful that it's finally finished, but the State of Oregon needs to change its modis operandi when it comes to these situations.

I had to keep calling my attorney, who had no clue why it hadn't been signed, for about 5 weeks. Now, in Oregon, you can waive the 90 day waiting period and your uncontested divorce can be finalized in 2-3 weeks. Mine was filed on April 16 and was signed on June 21. Longer than the norm. Heaven knows why. I paid the State $300 and now I have to fill out paperwork requesting a certified copy of the Judgment and pay for that, too. Shouldn't they just send you a copy and that fee be included in the $300? How about a courtesy call telling me I was finally divorced on the 21st, instead of me pestering the courthouse (told on the 22nd that it was still in with the Judge) and my attorney and FINALLY on the 24th of June I find out it was completed.

I hope I can receive the paperwork more quickly. I need to get my driver's license, bank info changed, and a passport. Clock is ticking! Need this stuff now. At this rate, it'd be easier for me to drive the 3 hours to Portland and pick up the paperwork! Geeze.

Get me some scissors. Red tape needs trimming.