Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumn has arrived and today I head out to the coast! I hope to see a whale or two, but a walk on the beach will be nice. There has been reports of some snow in the Coastal Moutain Range, so maybe I"ll get lucky there, too.
Since Hubby will be driving, I can knit, read and take photos along the way. This is our last weekend for a get-away. With a new job for Ron and our moving to a new home, it will be busy. That and all the needlework I have going for Christmas gifts. I am SO grateful to have the ability to make beautiful things. The current economy won't affect me in the least in that department!
Time to get ready to go. We are bringing plants in just in case we stay overnight. There's a frost warning for Saturday morning and my tomato plant still has fruit and buds. Now to hide it from Jack (the cat).

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