Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Brother's Keeper

Things happen around us that are unusual, sometimes interesting, sometimes not so harmonious. This evening was one of those times.

Around 6:30 this evening, our apartment parking lot was filled with police, sheriff's and SWAT. We've had some neighbors that had activity that would have police banging on their doors, but since they've moved out, we were wondering what was going on. Not much was shared with us. We stood around watching them prepare for something a few blocks away. Turns out our place was the staging area. I started to pray. There's been too many things in our area lately ending in shootings between police and suspects. It hasn't ended well for the suspects.

Officers were putting on vests, masks, helmets and were armed with assault rifles. One sheriff made us giggle as he came around the SWAT van eating, yes, a doughnut. The Police Chief was here directing things. It was very organized and guarded. I did get a little video, but after the last one I took, I was a bit gun-shy (no pun intended). Brandon got some good video, though.

One woman involved needed a restroom and used my daughter's and we offered to watch 4 small children until things were resolved. They didn't need it then. About a half an hour later, though, they did. So the kids came to my home. Ages 4, 3, 2 and a baby. I gave them cookies and milk and put cartoons on for them. We made a tent from a box, table and chair and they played happily, then settled down on the couch, thumbs in mouths and became mezmorized by the TV. They have now gone home - three sweet children with their grandparents and a darling little girl home with her mom.

The peaceful evening I was looking forward to had a different turn, but taking 4 frightened children in and seeing them laugh and play made it much more worthwhile.

The situation, which could have had a violent ending, has ended with a calm surrender to the police and that individual will get the help he needs. It's been an interesting night.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My, how time flies!

I hadn't realized how long it's been since I've last posted. Life has been busy with the grand children, crafting and just plain life. I've been trying to find lost pages of my book that I started writing a few years ago. I need to make the time to work on it. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained", as they say.

We've since added Flicka to our family. She's a darling cat. Very loving and playful. She and Cap'n Jack are good friends. Her mortal enemy is Rocky, but I know they'll grow on each other soon. Rock wants to play and Flicka wants no part of a dog!

My purging of unnecessary junk in my office seems to be an ongoing project. I'll put things aside that I think I'll use, and a few weeks later end up tossing it anyway. I've got a bin for Goodwill, much to my husband's dismay. He's rather put it in the dumpster. But they have much more life in them - and I know they'll meet a need somewhere.

Today started off rainy and cold, and now it's sunny and very windy. Now that I have a car, I worry about trees falling on it. It's older, so insurance won't cover major damage. Lots of rain to soften the ground, then high winds make our tall pines topple easily! Living in Oregon you have to choose where you live carefully - check out for flooding, landslides. I'm still waiting for the earthquakes I've been told happen around here. I slept through one of them. Boring. Nothing like the ground moving to shake things up a bit. I'm craving adventure. We had it in Montana. Lots and LOTS of adventures. Here - not so much.

Perhaps I'll go out and make one of my own!