Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My, how time flies when you're living life...

Our July 4th was cool and mostly quiet. We decided to flee the 90 degree heat of Portland and head to the coast. Netarts, Oregon was our choice this time. The Terimore wasn't quite what we expected, as we have stayed in more modern digs, however it's quaint, rustic feel was a breath of fresh air. My dear husband gets an idea of how things should be in his head, but reality kicks him in the behind. He's not as flexible as I have learned to be, but by Saturday, he came around. I think I surprised him at my getting up at 6:30am and going for a 2 mile walk on the beach. The trail to the beach could be seen as a challenge; my knees and right hip make things a bit difficult, but I put the discomfort out of my mind and enjoyed the fresh, salty, morning air; the fishermen starting out in their boats, and the low tide that shared the sea floor. The sand was smooth and littered with pieces of crab and sand dollars.
I've found that the Pacific isn't as warm as the Atlantic. Clouds rolled in that prevented us from seeing fireworks, but folks on the beach set off some that we could catch a glimpse of. No organized shows were on. No matter to me. I don't really care for crowds. I prefer to set them off with the family. It's not the same without Ramsey, Joanna and Brandon. I hope, next year, we can spend the holiday together and have a picnic, enjoy each other's company and set off some awesome explosives!
Ron cooked out on our little grill and it was a tasty dinner. We enjoyed a cup of tea and a glass of wine on the deck outside of our room while the sun set. The clouds finally cleared enough for us to experience a calm, amazing evening.
Perhaps, this autum, we'll go back and look for whales. That is the one thing I still long to see.
Later, y'all.