Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Adventures

I'm so excited about the new year. We go to Alaska for the Ceremonial and Official Starts for the Iditarod again in March. And we're the Official Photographers for Wattie McDonald again this year. We'll be attending the Musher's Banquet for the first time and spending a few days doing photography around the area. It's more exciting than Christmas!

After we return from Alaska, I'll have about 5 weeks to plan and pack for my first over-seas trip. Scotland in May will be so gorgeous! I'll be taking a million pictures as well as soaking up as much of the country as I can. On my list of "must do" is house hunt. We plan on retiring to Scotland and it would be wonderful to look at homes. Something old, historical and haunted would be fantastic!

I'm knitting like mad so I can have a new sweater by May at the latest, although for Alaska in the beginning of March would be better. First I need to reorganize my office that became a dumping ground for boxes I brought up from the garage. I felt so light as I emptied each box and put the knick-knacks and things I haven't seen for over a year and a half all over the place. Now I need to weed out the junk, put the yarn bin in my closet, build some shelving and find a temporary home for the keyboard until I make room for it elsewhere. Not a heck of a lot of room in our wee flat. I may sell my couch (don't want to; it's very special to me) or trade it for a piano. In a year and a half, or two, the plan is to move to Alaska for about 3-5 years before retirement, so lots of this stuff will be sold before that huge jump. I'm learning to not be so attached to furniture and things. Family heirlooms can go to my sister to do with as she sees fit. It's good to share those things, too. She should be able to enjoy them as much as I have.

So - there's my mindset... and if you haven't been able to tell... I'm supposed to be organizing my office. I'd rather be knitting... but in the long run, the order and decluttering will be wonderful. Maybe I'll be able to get a wee comfy chair to put in the corner to knit in.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year filled with love, joy, good health, prosperity and everything wonderful and good the Universe has to give.